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Health Insurance with HealthSherpa

Do you need health insurance for you or your employees?


HealthSherpa is a user-friendly website for healthcare consumers who have difficulty choosing and enrolling in an affordable healthcare plan that also meets their needs. It is important to note that HealthSherpa is entirely integrated with the federal Healthcare Marketplace website.  The company functions as a private partner to the Healthcare Marketplace and, as a result, has the same plans and prices the marketplace offers.

HealthSherpa is free for consumers and can provide custom plan options based on zip code, income, household size, number of dependents, and healthcare needs.

HealthSherpa also allows you to compare different plans side-by-side and minimizes healthcare jargon making it easier to use than the Marketplace website. 

Besides comparing and enrolling in a plan, HealthSherpa can also tell you which plans your doctors or health facilities accept and how much your prescription medications will cost under each plan. 

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