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Nutrition & Weight Management

Managing your weight contributes to good health now and as you age. Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight includes healthy eatingphysical activityoptimal sleep, and stress reduction. Healthy eating features a variety of healthy foods. Fad diets may promise fast results, but such diets limit your nutritional intake, can be unhealthy, and tend to fail in the long run. Learn how to get and stay healthy and manage your weight through a program best suited for your lifestyle and physical aptitude.

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Nutritional Supplements


Elixinol has harnessed the power of plants for over 25 years. We now take our commitment to “natural wellness for the people and the planet” to another level with the introduction of Elixinol Life - a new line of plant-based supplements designed to support optimal health.

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Food Supplements & Meal Management

Clean Eatz Kitchen

Choose by diet or build your own meal plan. Review our menu with full nutritional info to select the meals that meet your needs. The meals come in microwave-safe containers ready to heat and eat within 3 minutes. We don't offer any subscription-based services. If you enjoyed your meals, come back and order at anytime. 

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Wellness & Weight Management

Tone It Up

Tone It Up is a wellness movement, a way of life, your community.

Tone It Up empowers you to live your healthiest, happiest, and most confident life. From nutrition products to healthy recipes, workouts, meditations, and a vibrant community, you’ll feel connected— mind, body, and soul.

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Diet Program

Market Leader provides healthy options.

The #1 Diet Program in US News & World Report's 2023 Best Diets, helping people lose weight and gain control of their health isn't simply a business — it's a key element of their larger mission as an international healthcare leader with unmatched medical expertise and innovation.

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