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Health Sharing Plans

When you are looking for alternatives to health insurance.

Health care sharing ministries are nonprofits that limit membership to people of a similar faith. Members agree to make monthly payments to pay for the medical expenses of other members. These plans aren’t regulated by the state, and there is no guarantee they will pay claims. They also might not cover preexisting conditions or provide as many benefits as major medical plans. Almost two million Americans are using Health Sharing Plans as a way to lower their medical expenses and help other families with like minded beliefs to manage their healthcare expenses. As an alternative to health insurance, Health Sharing Plans may be an option to consider if your needs can be met with others who share your religious beliefs to help reduce medical costs.

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OneShare Health

Our Mission is Empowering People with Freedom of Choice by providing Biblical alternatives to traditional health insurance. We’re a Community. With origins in the Anabaptist faith, a Chaplain on Staff, and a Team of Prayer Warriors who are ready to assist with your Prayer Requests, OneShare Health is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is always searching for new ways to give back to our Faith Community. We are a Health Care Sharing Ministry that welcomes and unites those who agree with our core biblical principles on how we live life, take care of our health, and support others.

As an ACA-exempt path to health care, OneShare Health offers affordable and flexible medical Sharing Programs. With industry-leading Membership Programs and an unparalleled Member experience, OneShare Health continues to grow their health care sharing Family in most major markets across the country.

ReDirect Health

Redirect Health has reimagined the healthcare journey by making it work end-to-end through technology (like the Redirect Health Member App) and our passion for care. Whether it’s finding the best solutions for your medical needs or navigating the uncertainties of the healthcare system, you can be sure you’ll get the best price for your care – anytime and anywhere.

Our approach allows employers, doctors and brokers to work together to provide simple and truly affordable healthcare for every employee. We are a TPA, which allows us to move money fast – including provider claims and broker commissions. We hold medical licenses in all 50 states, giving us the unique ability to get in front of big and small claims BEFORE they happen.

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