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Wellness - The Art of Being Well

Wellness is a recent buzzword in the healthcare industry, but the act of being well goes back many years. The best programs also make use of comprehensive, multifaceted strategies that focus on both individuals and their environment. These can include a variety of elements, including counseling and information, assessments to help employees identify and address key risk factors, and establishment of policies and practices to support a healthy workplace, such as encouraging the use of stairs and establishing healthy food guidelines for cafeterias and vending machines. Employers should take notice.


Lower health care costs, increased productivity, and improved morale are just the tip of the iceberg for employers, and this doesn't mention the value of happy, healthy employees. But with too few employees involved in wellness and working to improve their health, employers are looking for ways to engage workers. People need to feel valued and included.

Engaging employees is critical for success in any company wellness program. If they don't buy in, your ROI is slimmer and more difficult to recoup. Find out what works best for your organization, then embrace it. Plus, realize that behavioral change doesn't happen overnight, especially when you're dealing with humans. Most people need to be incentivized to participate.

Beyond yoga, gym memberships, and tai chi programs, there are a host of products and services that can help build your wellness plan to bring you closer to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a healthier body. If you want to build your own individual wellness plan separate from employee benefits, there are many options that are available to you.

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