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Personal Wellness

Careing Dental Group is concerned about your everyday health no matter where you are. Whether you are spending time at home or in the great outdoors, you deserve to have access to the best affordable products on the market that provide a way for you and your family to live a healthy lifestyle.

Pouring Clear Water

Clean Water

Water Filtration and Purification

Brought to you by a team of experienced and respected innovators in water purification and filtration technology, this curated collection of products, backed by decades of research, serves to provide every household with toxin free, mineral rich, and life giving water.

Check out these products for your home.

The most powerful fridge filter on the market - The Universal Fridge Filter changes everything, allowing you to get truly clean and safe water right from your fridge water and ice dispenser, no matter the brand. It connects directly to your water line and are compatible with your fridge — regardless of make and model.

Check out this product for your home.

Pet Supplies for Your Home

Over 750 Brands of Pet Supplies across Dog, Cat, Small Animal, Bird, Reptile and Aquatic Supplies

 Your home is a sanctuary for you and your family. Your pets deserve the same. We are always dedicated to producing, developing and providing the most meaningful and innovative pet products to improve the daily lives of pets around the globe.


The goal is to meet the #1 desire of pet owners, to find products that take just as good care of their pets as they do themselves, offering unique perks that include Free-Shipping and Automated Returns, Free-Gifts, 1-Year Warranties on eligible purchases and sneak previews on newer product launches. 


Shop for pet supplies here.

Cats at Home

Hiking and Working

Footware for the Rugged Outdoors

Rugged, reliable boots for those working, hunting, and farming; and for those serving their country and community. The company provides men's and women's hunting boots, duty boots, western footwear, work boots, hunting clothing & work apparel. 90 years ago, the company defined its legacy with commitment, loyalty, and tradition. This is their heritage. This is Rocky.

Order your footware here.

At the Office

Orthotic Footware


Peak Comfort, Pinnacle Style and Easy Relief From Foot Pain.

Specialty orthotic footwear can help people with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bunions, arthritis, and more. When you have one of these conditions, standing and walking in APEX shoes is more comfortable since they may help:

  • Improve Blood Circulation for Better Mobility Diabetic footwear offers extra room and features breathable materials for a custom fit and ultimate comfort. That's why diabetic footwear is an excellent choice for people with neuropathy.

  • Prevent Calluses and Skin Rubbing Keeping Feet Healthy From a deep toe box to smooth seams, the interior of a diabetic shoe lessens friction against irregularities like bunions and hammertoes while also preventing calluses.

  • Decrease Pressure for Less Foot Pain Diabetic shoes feature shock-absorbent soles that help reduce pressure on bunions and ulcers while alleviating pain from plantar fasciitis and arthritis


Order your specialty footware here.

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