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Vision Insurance

Taking care of your eyesight should be a priority to help manage your ability to have good vision. When it comes to scheduling preventive health appointments, eye exams are often overlooked. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), 38% of Americans don’t have an eye doctor, and 63% don’t have vision insurance.

However, seeing a licensed optometrist or ophthalmologist for comprehensive exams is important for everyone’s overall health. And, your overall well-being can benefit from “keeping an eye on” the health of your eyes. The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) reports that a licensed doctor will use your eye evaluation to indicate your overall health. An annual eye exam is highly recommended for preventive health and wellness reasons.

Different vision insurance plans will have different benefits, so it’s essential that you review your unique vision needs and what each plan offers before committing to one. Here are several affordable options.

Perscription Glasses


VSP has the largest independent doctor network in the country. Chances are you can continue visiting your current eye doctor. All VSP plans let you shop and save at the eye doctor’s office, a retail location, and even online. VSP makes saving with your plan easy.

Choose a VSP plan here.

Glasses Fitting

Direct Vision

You’ll love the value you receive with Direct Vision insurance plans. With low-cost premiums, no waiting periods and robust allowances on frames and lenses, your vision insurance solution has arrived! Taking it to the next-level, enjoy no age restrictions, a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and flexible plan designs. It’s never been easier to purchase vision insurance! Trust Direct Vision Insurance to satisfy your vision needs

Check out plans here.

Vision Insurance and Discount Plans

EyeMed, MetLife, United Healthcare, and Careington

There are additional affordable vision plan options from which to choose. Whether you want an insurance program or a discount plan, you'll find several plan designs to meet your needs and your budget including plans for senior adults.

Check out information and quotes for EyeMed.

Contact me for more information and quotes for additional vision insurance and discount plans.

Trying On Glasses
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