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We are your source to provide affordable solutions to help protect your most valuable assets - Your health, your life and your family. Since March, 2022, we have continued to add products and services that make sense plus provide protection for both health and life needs. We do that at affordable costs for you and your family, and we source benefits for employers who want to hire and retain quality employees. 

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Over 70 Partner Relationships

Careing Dental Group has aligned with over 70 well known companies to provide access to affordable care for now and for the future. Let's talk soon and build a plan together for peace of mind. Click on the "About Us" tab at the top of the website.

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Healthcare for All

Health and Wellness for Individuals, Families and Employers

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Insurance 101

Basic Health Information - What does it all Mean?

Have you ever wanted to know more about a particular healthcare or insurance topic? Careing Dental Group provides some high level overviews of various topics related to how insurance works.

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Blog Articles - Be in the Know

Twice per month an article is posted to this website about various insurance and healthcare topics that educate, inform and provide options to take action.

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