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Our Markets

Careing Dental Group provides products and plans to a wide audience in the individual consumer, employer and affinity markets for health, life and so much more. 

Whether you are single, a couple, have a family, are an older senior adult or you own a company or small business that have employees with benefits needs, consider Careing Dental Group as your source for affordable health, wellness and life solutions.

Extended Family

Individual Market

Individuals, Families, Children and Seniors

Coverage options are available beginning at 30 days  through senior adulthood. 

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Email me for a conversation about your needs or to get a quote.

Small Business Market

Companies with under 50 full time employees.

If you run a small business with less than 50 Full time workers, we can have a consultation about how to provide affordable employee benefits, many of which are voluntary at no cost to the company.

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Young Business Owner
People Working in Open Office

Large Employer Market

Companies with over 100 Employees.

Big companies have special needs to provide benefits of all types of products for all types of employees including both full and part time workers. Exploring and implementing affordable options can help attract, hire and retain good employees. Let's talk soon.

Email me to learn more and set up either a virtual or onsite meeting.

Affinity Group Market

Associations, Unions and Non-Profits

Affinity groups provide a unique opportunity for their members to get valuable benefits through their association with the sponsor. 

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Volunteering Group
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