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Telemedicine - Why Virtual Healthcare Saves Money and Time

Healthcare and technology have improved significantly over the past several decades, especially in the products available to help reduce cost and time. One of those advances is telemedicine, or the ability for a consumer to communicate by phone or video chat with a physician for a particular medical need.

Virtual visits are growing in popularity. Though in-person office visits may be necessary in certain cases, there are many benefits of telemedicine care according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). For example, here are several advantages of using this type of product:

-- Limited physical contact reduces everyone’s exposure to COVID-19.

-- Virtual visits ensure you get health care wherever you are located – at home, at work or even in your car.

-- Virtual visits cut down on travel, time off from work, and the need for child care.

-- Virtual health care tools can shorten the wait for an appointment.

-- Increased access to specialists who are located far away from where you live, especially if you are traveling on business or vacation.

Although telemedicine is not a cure all, it is one more tool in the medical arsenal that allows for quicker and more time saving care, when a physician office visit is not a practical option. Your options for care are expanded beyond traditional healthcare models.

You can visit my website to learn more about telemedicine, and even purchase a program for individuals, families and even for employees if you are a business owner. The product also includes an advocacy component to help you save money on healthcare and assists in navigating what you already may have in place for faster service. Contact me today for more information, or visit the website page and view the Telemedicine & Advocacy section.

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